Our Crew

This is the Ghost Whale Crew! They work on games,websites and other cool stuff!

Carson Stacy/Kronosaurus

Lead programmer, Dumb Dojo
Lead "artist", Dumb Dojo
Lead designer, Dumb Dojo
Lead programmer, Project Serpent
Lead designer, Project Serpent
Lead musician, Project Serpent
Web designer

Cameron McCourt/Suaveosaurus

Lead artist, Project Serpent
Designer, Dumb Dojo
Q/A, Dumb Dojo
Executive Memer, Project Serpent
Executive Memer, Dumb Dojo
Writer of the Dumb Dojo Lore Book (on sale for 599 US Dollars)

Contract Hunter Alyssa/Menes Tritonosaurus

Lead musician - Dumb Dojo
Money taker - Dumb Dojo (it was so worth it though!)