Our Crew

Here's a list of all of the people (who also might be dinosaurs) currently working with GhostWhale in our lab.


Kronosaurus is the head of production at GhostWhale Labs, mainly working on design
programming and the website that you're on right now!


Suaveosaurus is the artist of our next project (which will be ready very soon) and assists in production of things
Mostly playing Donkey-Kong 64, but sometimes gets work done.

Other contractors and friends!

Dumb Dojo and our secret projects wouldn't be possible without the following contractors and friends.

We can't thank these people enough.

Alyssa Menes wrote and recorded the absurdly catchy Dumb Dojo theme song!

Adam Wennick carries the booming voice of the Dumb Dojo announcer!

Mystborn, Pixalated Pope & Sean Spaulding all kept the project alive from the gnarliest bugs

Evolbug conjured up the beautiful art and assets of the new look of Dumb Dojo (the final one too)

And you! Like you, the person reading this right now for paying attention to us instead of playing Quake!