Dumb Dojo

A silly party-fighting game by Ghost Whale.

Dumb Dojo is a button-mashy, ms-painty, trainwreck of a "fighting game" that can sometimes be really fun to play with friends.

Featuring high-quality ms-paint sprites, a catchy theme song by Alyssa Menes, and awesome fighting game party gameplay, Dumb Dojo is here!
The game will be supported by almost constant updates from the Ghost Whale team, so be sure to stay tuned to our development blog!

Dumb Dojo features a robust lineup of an incredible FOUR different characters, that's right, FOUR CHARACTERS!
"Street Fighter IV has nothing on the Dumb Dojo lineup" - Some guy at Apex who definitely existed.

Dumb Dojo features a lineup of 8 exciting stages for those characters to duke it out on!
"I like that stage with the platforms. Yeah that one, it was pretty good" - John um...Perrywinkle. Yeah, John Perrywinkle. That's a real dude.


"Okay Spaceship is like my spirit stage, I can't stop playing matches on it." - Audrey (We swear this one is real.)
Dumb Dojo currently has two player and four player gamemodes, with a singleplayer story on the way!
"It's like 10/10. GOTY contender. I'm giving up my competitive SSBM carreer to play Dumb Dojo." - guys, we need a fake name for this one...
"The graphics look really good!" - My Mom.
Thank you so much for your interest!

GhostWhale can be contacted at www.actuallykronosaurus@gmail.com and Dumb Dojo can be downloaded here.